Totebo’s past

Here at Totebo, we have been working with wood for almost a hundred years. Having started out making cartwheels for the local area, we broadened our skills in order to supply Northern Europe with quality veneered radio cabinets when the wireless grew in popularity in the 1930s. By 1964, that era was over and we started to work with IKEA. Today, IKEA is one of our many home furniture customers. For the last 25 years, we have also focused on storage and desk tops for public spaces, and we now supply many of the leading office furniture companies.

Totebo today

Today, Totebo is one of Sweden’s largest manufacturers of flat furniture. We employ around 100 people who work in shifts to produce pigment-lacquered, melamine, HPL, linoleum and veneered furniture for around 30 customers. Or perhaps we should call them partners, since that is what we strive for. Here at Totebo, efficiency is a concept of honour. By constantly investing in modern production equipment, we are able to cope with ever greater competition in an increasingly international market.

Totebo’s future

With all the relocation of manufacturing that goes on these days, it would be easy to believe that the Swedish furniture industry has no future. We believe that the opposite is true, but this requires constant investment and automation. As well as a touch of Småland stubbornness. As a family business, we have made our decision and our strategy is quite clear. We’ll still be working and growing here in Totebo a hundred years from now.





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