Our machinery
At Totebo we invest large sums of money every year in upgrading and developing our production lines, in order to stay ahead in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. We currently work using the following lines in two or three shifts:


1 small panel cutting saw

Veneer press

CNC cutters
4 work stations for milling, drilling and edging
5 work stations for milling and drilling without edging
Drawer front line1 production line for sawing, edging, milling and drilling items with a maximum width of 400 mm 

Edging machines

2 double-sided edgebanding machine lines, one combined with a drilling line below

Drilling lines

1 complete automatic drilling line with dowel inserting equipment
1 complete automatic drilling and milling line

Edge lacquering
2 edge lacquering lines for water-based lacquer

Surface lacquering

1 UV roller coating lacquering line for stains, clear lacquer and UV-oil
2 UV roller coating lacquering lines for clear and pigmented lacquers

1 packing line for desk tops
2 packing lines for flat packs
1 press for assembling of cupboards et

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